Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
Devastation in Derna, Libya: Satellite Images Show Extent of Flooding

Satellite images have revealed the devastating impact of heavy storms in the Libyan city of Derna, as two dams burst, leading to widespread flooding and the destruction of entire neighborhoods. The images depict the before and after scenes of the city, providing a stark contrast in the aftermath of the storm.

Confirmed death tolls from the flooding have been reported to be in the thousands, with many more people listed as missing. The sheer scale of the devastation can be witnessed in the images, as entire streets and buildings have been swept away by the powerful floodwaters.

The images also highlight the overwhelming impact on the Wadi Derna, a seasonal river that runs through the city. The river is seen bisecting the city in the images, indicating the force and extent of the flooding that occurred.

Not only were residential areas affected, but also vital infrastructure such as roads, highways, and port facilities. The coastal road that runs alongside the city is seen submerged in water, completely disrupted by the flooding. Similarly, highways in and around Derna have been severely damaged, rendering them impassable.

Port facilities in Derna have also suffered significant damage, as shown in the images. The animated gif reveals the stark contrast between the port before and after the storm, highlighting the destruction caused by the flooding.

These satellite images provide a visual representation of the extensive devastation caused by the heavy storms in Derna, Libya. The scale of the destruction serves as a reminder of the impact of natural disasters and the importance of disaster preparedness and response efforts in vulnerable areas.