Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Starlink Launches High-Speed Satellite Internet in Benin

Starlink, the satellite internet service provider, has expanded its operations into the Republic of Benin, becoming the seventh African country where it has launched its services since January. In Benin, users can access the service for a monthly rate of CFA30,000 (approximately $48.66). There is also a one-time equipment charge of CFA400,000 (around $650) and a shipping and handling fee of CFA15,000. Additionally, users in Benin will need to pay an extra monthly fee to the national telecom regulatory authority (ARCEP) for access to the electromagnetic spectrum required for service provision.

Benin has a significant user base for internet services, with 10.14 million mobile internet users and 24,641 fixed internet subscribers, according to ARCEP data from March 2023. Prior to its launch in Benin, Starlink had already been operating in Nigeria, Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique, and Zambia. The company has also obtained a license to operate in Sierra Leone and is expected to launch its services there next year.

Unpaid Salaries at Twitter Africa

A year after Elon Musk laid off all staff and closed the Twitter Africa office in Ghana, now known as X, the company has still not fulfilled its financial responsibilities to its former employees. The former employees claim that they have not received their redundancy packages as promised. Carla Olympio, a representative from Agency Seven Seven, which provides legal representation to the ex-employees, has stated that the company has been unresponsive and silent for weeks without any explanation.

Under Ghana’s labor laws, the sudden mass layoff at the Twitter Africa office is considered “mass redundancy.” The law requires employers to notify the Chief Labour Officer three months prior to implementing such changes, which Twitter failed to do. The specifics of redundancy pay and the terms and conditions of payment are typically subject to negotiation between the employer and the affected workers or trade union.

Despite the former employees reaching out to Ghana’s Chief Labour Officer, no action has been taken. As a result, they are now considering pursuing legal action outside of Ghana’s jurisdiction. This case is one of several legal actions filed against X by former employees, some of whom claim they have not received compensation even after Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition last year.

African Startups Funding in October

In October 2023, African tech startups raised a total funding of $156.2 million from 16 deals, according to BD Funding Tracker. Four of the deals were undisclosed. While September recorded more deals, with about 19, the total funding amount for October was significant.

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