Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
Bayanat and Al-Yah to Expand Earth Observation Space Program

Bayanat, an AI-powered geospatial solutions provider, has partnered with Al-Yah Satellite Communications Company to expand their Earth observation space program. The program, initially planned for five synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites, will now be expanded to seven. The expansion is made possible with the help of ICEYE, a global leader in SAR satellite development.

The increased number of satellites will allow for more frequent revisits to the Middle East region, enabling Bayanat and Yahsat to deliver near real-time, high-definition images of on-the-ground conditions. These images will provide advanced geospatial intelligence to both domestic and international customers.

Unlike traditional satellite imagery that relies on light, SAR satellite images use radar signals. This allows for persistent monitoring of specific locations on Earth’s surface, regardless of day or night, cloud cover, and multiple times per day. This technology enables government and business customers to detect detailed changes on the ground.

The applications for SAR satellite images are diverse and range from identifying oil spills to monitoring maritime activities such as illegal fishing or encroachment into territorial areas. Additionally, these capabilities can be utilized by organizations in sectors such as insurance, national security, and climate change monitoring.

This expansion of the SAR satellite fleet is seen as a significant milestone for Bayanat and the UAE, as they aim to build a domestic SAR satellite industry. This move is expected to diversify the economy, create high-tech jobs, and enhance strategic independence.

Yahsat, a leading satellite solutions provider, views this partnership as a means to strengthen the UAE’s leadership in the space sector across the MENA region. With a wide customer base spanning business and government sectors worldwide, Yahsat’s satellite communications infrastructure covers 80 percent of the global population. The expansion of the Earth observation program will further accelerate the development of satellite imaging and Earth observation capabilities.