Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
The Lizard Peninsula: A Hub for Avanti Communications

The Lizard Peninsula in southern Cornwall is renowned for its breathtaking coastal scenery, diverse plant life, and vibrant fishing harbors. It is also home to Avanti Communications, a satellite technology provider operating a fleet of five Ka-brand satellites. With a capacity of 50 Ghz and seven Gateway Earth Stations, Avanti is a major player in the industry, with operations spanning eight countries.

Avanti’s headquarters are located at the Goonhilly Earth Station near Helston. This site, originally owned by BT, offers excellent infrastructure, backup power generation, and robust fiber connectivity. Its low population density and flat terrain make it ideal for satellite operations, providing clear visibility and minimizing radio interference.

The evolution of the satellite industry has opened up new opportunities in Cornwall. The region received investment from the European Development Fund starting in 2000, and recent developments like the Virgin Orbit enterprise and the COVID-19 pandemic have further attracted attention. Avanti recognized the potential and decided to launch its backup site at Spaceport Cornwall in March 2022. This move has generated significant interest from various companies, including major players like Airbus.

Avanti Communications is a global organization with branches in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Germany, Cyprus, the US, and Turkey. It prides itself on diversity, with 27 nationalities represented within its workforce. The company has experienced substantial growth in the past five years, transforming from a stagnant industry to one that is dynamic and appealing.

Avanti’s success can be credited to its customer-driven approach and its focus on talent acquisition. The company values employees who bring a fresh perspective and diverse knowledge. Additionally, Avanti is actively supporting the Government’s new degree apprenticeship in space engineering, investing in the development of future talent in the field.

The Lizard Peninsula has become the epicenter of Avanti’s operations, housing its primary satellite operations center at Goonhilly and serving as the location for its backup operations center at Spaceport Cornwall. The region’s natural beauty and favorable conditions have attracted both business and talent, positioning Cornwall as a key player in the satellite industry.