Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
AST SpaceMobile Completes 5G Call from Wireless Dead Zone to Spain

AST SpaceMobile, a US-based satellite designer and manufacturer, has successfully completed a 5G call from a wireless dead zone in Hawaii to Spain using a smartphone and its satellite. This achievement has boosted the company’s shares as it demonstrates its ability to provide coverage in areas where wireless networks do not reach.

Abel Avellan, chairman of AST SpaceMobile, emphasized that the smartphone used in the 5G call did not require any special features such as apps or SIM cards. He stated that, with this technology, AST SpaceMobile has proven its capability to bring 5G connectivity to every corner of the planet.

5G technology is the fifth generation of cellular technology and is designed to enable faster mobile data speeds compared to previous technologies like 4G. However, according to research firm GlobalData, only around 18% of mobile subscriptions worldwide are currently 5G.

As a result, smartphone providers are increasingly focused on expanding coverage to more rural and remote areas. T-Mobile US, for example, has partnered with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to utilize its low-orbit Starlink satellites in order to provide comprehensive coverage across the United States, including previously unreachable remote locations.

The completion of the 5G call from a wireless dead zone to Spain showcases the potential of AST SpaceMobile’s satellite technology. As the demand for better connectivity in rural areas continues to grow, companies are racing to offer viable solutions.