Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Apple Launches Roadside Assistance Service via Satellite

Apple has announced the launch of a new roadside assistance service during its recent “Wonderlust” event. The service is built on the same technology as Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite service that was introduced last year with the iPhone 14.

The satellite-based service is designed to assist users who encounter car trouble in areas without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. With this service, Apple aims to provide a solution for situations where communication is limited.

During the event, Deniz Teoman, vice president of hardware systems engineering at Apple, explained that users will be able to request roadside assistance by simply texting their exact location and the type of help they need. The intuitive interface will guide them to connect to a satellite, which will then transmit the information to a roadside assistance provider.

Once the information is received, the assistance provider will directly message the user and dispatch the appropriate help to their precise location. This ensures that users receive timely and accurate assistance with the necessary equipment to address their specific issue.

The roadside assistance service will be available to AAA members as part of their existing membership benefits. However, it can also be accessed separately by nonmembers who require immediate assistance.

With this new feature, Apple continues to innovate and expand its range of services by leveraging its advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces. The company aims to enhance the overall customer experience, providing a convenient solution for those in need of roadside assistance in remote or disconnected areas.