Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Apple Extends Free Access to Emergency SOS Feature for iPhone 14 Users

Apple has announced that iPhone 14 users will have another year of free access to its emergency SOS feature. This feature was introduced a year ago and allows users to share their location via satellite and send messages to emergency services even in areas without network coverage. The feature is accessed through Apple’s FindMy app.

Initially launched in the United States and Canada, the emergency SOS service has now been rolled out to 16 countries and regions. Users of the newer iPhone 15 line-up will continue to enjoy two years of free access to the service.

This emergency SOS feature is made possible through a partnership between Apple and satellite operator Globalstar. It provides users with a vital lifeline during emergencies when traditional network coverage may not be available.

In addition to the emergency SOS feature, Apple has also introduced a roadside assistance feature earlier this year. This feature enables iPhone users in the United States to connect with the American Automobile Association for help in case of roadside emergencies.

By extending the free access to the emergency SOS feature, Apple is further emphasizing its commitment to user safety and security. With the ability to quickly share their location and seek help in emergency situations, iPhone users can have peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable tool at their disposal.

Apple’s continuous efforts to enhance its devices with such safety features contribute to its reputation as a leading smartphone manufacturer prioritizing user well-being.

(Source: Reuters)