Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Apple Introduces Emergency SOS via Satellite with iPhone 14 and Continues with iPhone 15

Apple introduced Emergency SOS via satellite as a free-for-two-years safety feature with the iPhone 14, and this offer will continue with the new iPhone 15. The feature allows iPhone users to connect to emergency services even in areas with no cellular network coverage.

Initially, Emergency SOS via satellite was available only in the United States and Canada. However, Apple has expanded its availability to over a dozen more countries. During an announcement, Apple mentioned that Spain and Switzerland would also gain access to Emergency SOS via satellite before the end of the current year.

In addition to the expansion of supported countries, Apple has partnered with AAA to include roadside assistance as part of the Emergency SOS feature. This feature will initially be available in the United States, with the possibility of further expansion in the future.

To showcase the effectiveness of Emergency SOS via satellite, Apple shared a heartwarming video featuring real-world customers who were saved from dangerous situations by using the feature on their iPhone 14.

Emergency SOS via satellite is exclusive to the iPhone 14 and newer models. This safety feature provides an extra layer of security for iPhone users by ensuring they have access to emergency services, regardless of their location or network coverage.

For more information on Emergency SOS via satellite, visit Apple’s official website.