Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Apple Introduces Roadside Assistance Feature for iPhone 15 Lineup

Apple Inc. has announced a new feature targeted towards car owners and driving enthusiasts at its recent “Wonderlust” event. The feature, called roadside assistance via satellite, utilizes Apple’s existing satellite infrastructure used for emergency SOS.

The purpose of this feature is to provide car owners with a solution when their vehicle encounters trouble, even when they are in areas without network coverage. By simply texting “roadside assistance,” users can access a range of common issues that they may need help with, such as being locked out, running out of fuel, a flat tire, or difficulty starting the vehicle. Users can also provide additional details about the problem they are facing.

The iPhone’s interface will then guide the user to connect to a satellite, which will share the information with a roadside assistance provider. The provider will dispatch help with the appropriate tools and equipment to the user’s location.

This new feature builds on Apple’s existing emergency SOS via satellite functionality, which enables users to message emergency services when cellular and WiFi coverage is unavailable. The Emergency Satellite SOS feature is currently available in 14 countries and will expand to include Spain and Switzerland this month.

The introduction of roadside assistance via satellite is a significant development for Apple, as it expands its capabilities and provides a valuable service for iPhone users who find themselves in unexpected car-related emergencies.

As car technology continues to evolve, Apple’s integration of this feature into its iPhone 15 lineup demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative solutions for its users and further solidifies its presence in the automotive industry.

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