Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Apple Adds Roadside Assistance to Emergency SOS Feature

Apple has announced that it is expanding its Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone to include roadside assistance. The company has partnered with AAA to provide this service, which will be free for current AAA members. Non-AAA members will also have access to the service, but pricing details have not yet been released.

The Emergency SOS via satellite feature was first introduced with the iPhone 14 last year. It allows users to request assistance for various roadside emergencies, such as getting locked out, running out of fuel, or experiencing a flat tire. The feature utilizes Apple’s Emergency Text via satellite option to connect users with AAA.

This new addition of roadside assistance is particularly beneficial in remote areas where cell phone reception may be limited. The satellite connectivity ensures that users can still reach out for help even when they are out of range.

Similar to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 series will come with two years of free Emergency SOS connectivity. However, Apple has not yet revealed the pricing for the service after the initial two years.

This expansion of the Emergency SOS feature demonstrates Apple’s commitment to providing its users with additional safety and security measures. Whether you are a AAA member or not, having access to roadside assistance through your iPhone can provide peace of mind in unexpected situations.