Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
How to Use Roadside Assistance via Satellite on iPhone

Recent iPhone models offer a new feature called Roadside Assistance via satellite, which allows users to get non-emergency help when needed. This feature was introduced with the iPhone 15 series but is also available on the iPhone 14 series.

Roadside Assistance via satellite is particularly useful in situations such as running out of gas, getting a flat tire, or locking your keys in your car, especially when you are in a remote area with no cellular coverage. Apple has partnered with AAA, and this feature enables users to contact AAA using satellites in low-Earth orbit.

To use Roadside Assistance via satellite, users need to fill out a short questionnaire with important details about their situation. This information is then transmitted to AAA, who can directly message the user and send help as needed.

Access to this feature is free for two years and will continue to be free for AAA members. Apple has provided a video on their Support website that demonstrates how to use Roadside Assistance via satellite for a better understanding.

In addition to Roadside Assistance, iPhone users should also be aware of the Emergency SOS feature via satellite. This feature has proven to be life-saving during emergencies such as the Maui wildfires and harsh weather conditions in Alaska.

For more information and additional details, you can visit Apple’s Support website.

Please note that the original article contained an embedded video, author information, and contact details, which have been removed in this rewritten version.