Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Apple Introduces Roadside Assistance via Satellite

Apple has expanded its Emergency SOS via Satellite feature by introducing Roadside Assistance via Satellite. This feature was launched in Australia in May and has proven to be extremely useful. While Emergency SOS via Satellite is designed for life-threatening emergencies, Roadside Assistance via Satellite is meant for situations where you may need help but don’t have reception, such as car troubles.

To use Roadside Assistance via Satellite, all you need to do is text ‘roadside assistance’ and select the type of help you require. Like the Emergency SOS feature, it will guide you to connect to a satellite and share your information with a roadside assistance provider.

This service will cover various situations, ranging from locking your keys in your car to your vehicle being incapacitated, and it will connect you with a provider even when you don’t have service. Initially, iPhone 15 owners in the U.S. will have free access to Roadside Assistance and all Emergency SOS satellite services for two years. Pricing information for Australia will be disclosed when the feature goes live.

Additionally, Apple announced that Emergency SOS via Satellite is already available in 14 countries, with Spain and Sweden set to go live soon. Since its launch, Apple’s emergency satellite services have been effective in several real-life situations. Users have successfully utilized this feature during emergencies, such as canyoning in California, being lost in the Alaskan Wilderness, and escaping a wildfire in Maui, Hawaii.

Apple’s commitment to leveraging satellite technology for emergency assistance has provided critical help in remote areas or situations with no reception. These features are an invaluable addition to the iPhone line, ensuring that users can stay safe and connected no matter where they are.