Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Apple Expands Emergency Roadside Assistance via Satellite with iPhone 15

Apple has announced that it is expanding its Emergency SOS feature to include Roadside Assistance via satellite on the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro. This new feature allows users to connect with emergency services and request help when they have no Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Similar to Emergency SOS via satellite, Roadside Assistance via satellite utilizes the closest satellite to establish communication when traditional methods are unavailable. This feature is particularly useful in situations such as car trouble, where immediate assistance is needed.

To request Roadside Assistance, users can choose from various options provided by iOS, including “Locked Out,” “No Fuel or Charge,” or “Flat Tire,” among others. By transmitting the user’s precise location to AAA, the service provider will have all the necessary information to provide appropriate help.

In areas where satellite signal strength is weak, the iPhone will guide users on how to position themselves to ensure successful communication. With this new feature, Apple aims to provide reliable assistance even in challenging situations.

Apple has confirmed that Roadside Assistance via satellite will be free for the first two years from the activation of compatible iPhone models. However, it is important to note that AAA may charge for their roadside assistance services if the user is not a AAA member. Specific details regarding the pricing structure have not been disclosed by Apple.

In order to access Roadside Assistance via satellite, users will need to be running iOS 17. However, Emergency SOS via satellite will still be functional with iOS 16.

The introduction of Roadside Assistance via satellite on the new iPhone models further demonstrates Apple’s commitment to providing innovative and practical features that prioritize user safety and convenience.