Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Starlink to Provide Wi-Fi Access in Public Spaces and Cabins

Starlink, developed by SpaceX, is a low Earth orbit satellite system that will bring Wi-Fi access to public spaces and cabins. In November, the first ship, Ambience, is scheduled to undergo its Starlink installation, followed by Ambition in early December. Following the installation, it is expected that broadband speeds onboard will increase by 50%.

Reliable internet access is crucial for travelers, and Ambassador Cruise Line is excited to introduce an enhanced Wi-Fi service on board Ambience and Ambition. The decision to introduce Starlink was made after a successful trial on board Ambition in September. During this trial period, the customer satisfaction questionnaire showed a 35% improvement in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Starlink’s satellite system promises to revolutionize internet access, especially in remote areas or on board ships where connectivity has traditionally been a challenge. By utilizing low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink can provide high-speed internet coverage globally.

This development is a significant step forward for the cruise industry, as it meets the increasing demand for reliable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity at sea. With the installation of Starlink, passengers on Ambassador Cruise Line ships can expect to enjoy faster internet speeds, allowing them to stay connected and make the most of their travel experience.

As technology continues to advance, the availability of Wi-Fi in public spaces and cabins is becoming increasingly important. Passengers no longer want to be disconnected from the digital world while traveling, and Starlink aims to address this need.

In conclusion, Starlink’s introduction on Ambassador Cruise Line ships will bring improved Wi-Fi access to both public spaces and cabins. This development will enhance the overall travel experience for passengers, allowing them to stay connected and enjoy faster internet speeds while at sea.