Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Internet Access Checked in Puncak Jaya to Ensure Quality Communication Services

The Communication and Information Office (Diskominfo) in Puncak Jaya has conducted checks on the Internet access (AI) of the Bakti Aksi WiFi and Telkomsel USO/BAKTI BTS in Zone III, namely the Fawi, Dagai, and Torere districts. This is done regularly to ensure the quality of communication and internet services in Puncak Jaya District.

The AI Vsat WiFi BAKTI AKSI is a digital infrastructure that provides internet access, provided by BAKTI Kominfo, in specific locations within the 3T (Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged) regions. Its purpose is to ensure equal internet access for all Indonesian communities.

According to Mozes Daniel Rumbino, a technician and team member, the Bakti Aksi WiFi has been installed since mid-2022 with 18 Vsat devices. Fourteen devices are installed in the Fawi district, three in Dagai, and one in Torere. In addition, there is one Telkomsel BAKTI 4G and 2G BTS installed in the Fawi district.

However, many Bakti Aksi WiFi devices are still inactive due to the lack of electricity resources and the high cost of fuel for using generators. Despite this, the cellular network is still functioning properly.

Mozes explained that the Telkomsel USO/BAKTI 4G and 2G BTS were built in 2017 and are still functioning well in the Fawi district. However, they have faced difficulties in reaching the Dagai and Torere districts for repairs due to transportation constraints and remote locations.

Mozes expressed gratitude to local authorities for their support in providing transportation to the site locations.