Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Accenture Invests in Open Cosmos to Democratize Access to Satellite Data

Accenture, a global professional services company, has announced an investment and collaboration with Open Cosmos at this year’s World Satellite Business Week in Paris. Open Cosmos specializes in designing, manufacturing, and integrating satellites and operates space missions while providing high-quality satellite data and insights through its data services platform.

The partnership between Accenture and Open Cosmos aims to assist clients in tracking and analyzing space data to address sustainability-related challenges on Earth. The investment by Accenture Ventures is part of its broader initiative, Project Spotlight, which seeks to drive innovation by investing in strategic technology companies.

Open Cosmos democratizes access to satellite data by allowing multiple companies to retrieve data collected by one satellite. The company manages satellite infrastructure using its proprietary platform technology, making it easy for companies to collect and share data.

With the collaboration, both Accenture and Open Cosmos envision a future where space technology and data are more accessible and can fuel innovation and sustainable progress. They believe that space data can be harnessed and interpreted to solve problems and improve areas such as climate changes, energy, resources, and navigation.

Accenture’s 2023 Technology Vision revealed that 85% of executives believe advancements in science and technology are driving innovation in their industries. The collaboration between Accenture and Open Cosmos reflects the growing trend of democratizing access to space and leveraging satellite data for various global and business challenges.

Open Cosmos is the latest addition to Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, which focuses on engaging and investing in technology companies that can fill strategic innovation gaps for the Global 2000. This collaboration follows Accenture Ventures’ recent investments in satellite data and image companies, including Pixxel, Planet, and SpiderOak.

The terms of the investment were not disclosed.