Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Two Starlink Missions Scheduled by SpaceX

Over the weekend, SpaceX has planned two more Starlink missions in addition to the highly anticipated test flight of Starship 2. The first mission, Starlink 6-28, launched this morning, while the second mission, labeled 7-7, is scheduled for tomorrow.

Starlink 6-28 marked the eleventh launch of Falcon-9 B1069 from Launch Complex 40 at 6:05 am. The rocket successfully deployed 23 Starlink satellites, making optimal use of the reusable mode. The large payload did not pose any issue for the Falcon, and it placed the newest members of the sixth layer of the constellation into a 285×293 km orbit with an inclination of 43°. The first stage of the rocket safely returned to the Just Read The Instructions drone ship, which was waiting approximately 612 km away in the Atlantic Ocean. The satellites will later be positioned on a 530 km orbit. This launch was the 80th for the Falcon-9 and the 84th for SpaceX including Falcon Heavy launches. It also marked the 245th successful first stage landing out of 257 attempts and the 172nd consecutive successful landing.

Regarding Starlink 7-7, it is expected to launch no earlier than tomorrow morning. The Falcon-9 rocket assigned to this mission is the B1063, making its 15th launch. It carries 22 Starlink satellites and will place them on a polar orbit, as commonly seen in missions departing from Vandenberg Space Force Base. The drone ship, Of Course, I Still Love You, will once again be positioned in the designated location in the Pacific Ocean. Further updates will be provided once the launch takes place.

(Note: Some details might have been lost or changed during the rewriting process. Please verify with the original article if needed.)