Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
8 Tips for Keeping Your Loved One Safe When They Live Alone

Caring for a loved one who values their independence and prefers living alone can be challenging. It’s natural to feel anxious about their well-being when you’re not around. However, there are steps you can take to ensure their safety even when they are by themselves. Here are eight tips to help them stay secure at all times.

1. Turn on Smartphone Emergency Settings:
Activate the emergency settings on your loved one’s smartphone. This feature allows quick access to emergency contacts or authorities in case of an emergency. For iPhones, go to Settings > Emergency SOS and set up the necessary contacts. On Android devices, open the Contacts app and add emergency contacts under Groups.

2. Use a Smart Home Speaker:
Smart home devices like Alexa or Google Nest can help your loved one contact you in case of an emergency. Set up the speaker to recognize voice commands such as “call for help” or “emergency assistance.”

3. Personal Protection:
Consider equipping your loved one with portable personal protection devices like alarms or flashlights. While traditional options like mace or pepper spray may be illegal in some states, there are alternative items available to enhance personal safety.

4. Video Monitoring:
With your loved one’s consent, install video cameras inside and outside their home. These cameras can be accessed remotely through a smartphone or computer, enabling you to check on them periodically. Video monitoring provides an extra sense of security and helps detect any unusual activities or emergencies.

5. Wearable Safety Devices:
Encourage your loved one to wear a smartwatch or safety pendant. These devices come with features like GPS tracking, emergency SOS buttons, and fall detection, enabling them to call for help when needed.

6. Install Smart Lighting:
Smart lighting systems allow your loved one to control lights remotely or follow a programmed schedule. This creates the illusion of someone being home, deterring potential criminals. Motion-activated lights outside the house can also prevent break-ins.

7. Reliable Home Security System:
Invest in a reliable home security system that comes with a smartphone app. This enables your loved one to receive immediate alerts if someone tries to break in and allows for easy communication with authorities.

Remember, regular check-ins and open communication are key to ensuring your loved one’s safety and well-being when they live alone.