Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office Holds Final Satellite License to Carry Concealed Permit Event

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office recently held its last satellite license to carry concealed permit event of the year in Springdale Township at the Allegheny Valley VFD. This event was organized to help people who are unable to visit the courthouse during regular business hours to renew their permits.

Throughout the day, the sheriff’s office processed a total of 569 permits. To renew a permit at these satellite events, individuals only needed to pay $20 and present a valid ID.

While there are no more events scheduled for 2023, the sheriff’s office has announced that the 2024 schedule will be released in February. This allows those interested in renewing or obtaining a concealed carry permit to plan ahead.

These satellite events serve as a convenient alternative to visiting the courthouse during weekdays, providing accessibility to those with busy schedules or transportation limitations.

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It is essential for gun owners to ensure that their permits are up to date and valid. Taking advantage of these satellite events can help individuals legally carry concealed firearms in the Allegheny County area.