Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
Satellite IoT Connectivity Solutions for Remote Areas

When deploying IoT devices in areas with limited or no cellular coverage, satellite connectivity offers a solution to keep devices connected. In recent years, satellite vendors and service providers have prioritized IoT due to the rapid growth of satellite IoT connectivity revenue compared to traditional satellite connectivity.

Satellite IoT connectivity has become more viable with the development of solid business models around low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite technologies. Companies that failed to do so in the past have paved the way for a new set of companies that have figured out cost-effective solutions. These companies are utilizing LEOs as their primary satellite technology and launching satellites in stages, instead of building a whole constellation at once.

To meet the growing demand for satellite IoT connectivity, mobile network operators like Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, and Skyle have formed partnerships with satellite providers. This collaboration ensures organizations with IoT fleets have consistent coverage from cellular networks to satellites. It is expected that operators and satellite providers will continue to partner further in the future.

During IoT Week, CRN has compiled a list of five satellite IoT connectivity solutions that enable organizations to maintain device connectivity in remote areas with limited or no cellular coverage. These solutions provide an alternative to ground-based communication infrastructure by leveraging satellite technology.