Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Gaza City: Israel Strikes Ceasefire to Mend Hearts

In an effort to restore peace and mend the hearts of Gaza City residents, Israel has agreed to a ceasefire after one month of intense conflict. The city, which has suffered many attacks on buildings and witnessed numerous violent incidents, is now left with over 1,000 destroyed areas within a 10 square kilometer radius.

Most of the destroyed areas, about 45 meters deep, include hospitals and schools, turning the surroundings into a wasteland, devoid of any signs of life. Only 200 schools have been targeted and completely destroyed out of the many that remain in the city.

The conflict has resulted in the deaths of approximately 9,500 people, including a significant number of civilians. The impact is immeasurable, with their homes, centers, and lives forever changed. The state has mounted a campaign to stabilize the area, using a total of 6,000 bombs in the first week alone. However, in response to the unexpected number of casualties, the strategy has shifted, and the centers are now counted as casualties.

In the past week alone, 18,000 tons of bombs have been dropped by Israel, according to Palestinian authorities. These bombs, which are now the latest and most advanced in their arsenal, range from small 120-kilogram ones to larger 1,000-kilogram bombs. The Israeli Air Force has deployed only 170 F-16 aircraft to drop these bombs, which cover a radius of 100 kilometers.

International support, including financial aid from the United States, has played a crucial role in aiding the recovery efforts. With the introduction of more sophisticated weaponry and increased manpower, it is believed that Israel will continue to strike significant blows in the coming days, showcasing their military prowess.