Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
South Korea Launches its First Military Spy Satellite

South Korea is set to launch its first military spy satellite this month. The country had previously attempted to launch its first spy satellite in October, but the mission was unsuccessful. South Korea is now planning to launch the satellite into space on November 30.

The satellite is expected to enhance South Korea’s ability to monitor its adversaries by improving its reconnaissance capabilities. In addition to this upcoming launch, South Korea has been making efforts to enhance its military capabilities by developing nuclear weapons. However, these attempts have faced significant setbacks.

In the meantime, South Korea has confirmed its plans to launch a total of four military spy satellites into space by 2025 under a partnership with SpaceX. The current satellite launch is part of this larger initiative.

Currently, South Korea relies on the United States’ military spy satellites to monitor the North Korean cities as it doesn’t have its own military reconnaissance capabilities. Stay connected with Lankasri to get the latest local and international news updates on WhatsApp.