Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Maharashtra Government Considering Launching its own Weather Satellite

The Maharashtra government is considering launching its own weather satellite to receive advance information about cyclones, cloud bursts, landslides, and other natural events. This was announced by a state minister on Friday.
Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Anil Patil stated that the project can only start after obtaining necessary approval from the central government.
He was speaking to the media after reviewing the damage caused by floods in the city earlier this week.
Patil mentioned that his ministry is considering launching its own weather satellite, which would be the first of its kind for any state.
No further details or timeline for the project were provided.
This initiative by the Maharashtra government aims to enhance early warning capabilities and preparedness in the face of natural calamities. A dedicated weather satellite can provide crucial information to help authorities take timely and appropriate action to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events.
If the project is approved and implemented successfully, it can significantly contribute to disaster management efforts in the state of Maharashtra.