Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Installation of Starlink on airBaltic Aircraft Delayed Until 2024

The Latvian airline, airBaltic, has postponed the installation of SpaceX’s Starlink equipment on its aircraft until 2024. Originally, the airline planned to begin the installation of the specialized equipment that would provide passengers with high-speed internet during flights in 2023. The service was expected to be free, with no need for passengers to authenticate to access the network.

AirBaltic has been in constant communication with SpaceX and Airbus to obtain the necessary supplemental type certification to equip its Airbus A220-300 fleet with Starlink’s internet connectivity. The airline now expects the installation process to start in 2024.

Once installed, airBaltic will become the first airline in Europe to offer Starlink internet to its passengers. The service boasts a wide bandwidth and low data transmission latency of 20 ms. These features will allow passengers to play online games and make video calls during their flights.

Previously, in January 2023, it was reported that airBaltic would be the first European airline to launch Starlink internet on its aircraft later that year. The airline had planned to complete the installation on all its aircraft by 2023.

Additionally, in October 2023, Qatar Airways announced its plans to equip its aircraft with fast internet from Starlink. Passengers on Qatar Airways will be able to use Wi-Fi with internet speeds of up to 350 Mbps.

This news article discusses the delay in airBaltic’s installation of Starlink equipment on its aircraft to provide high-speed internet to passengers during flights. The service is now expected to begin in 2024. Once implemented, airBaltic will be the first European airline to offer Starlink internet to its travelers. The article also mentions Qatar Airways’ plans to equip its aircraft with Starlink’s fast internet service.