Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
SpaceX to Offer New Starlink Dish as Part of Beta Testing

SpaceX will first offer the new “typical” Starlink dish as part of a beta test before making it available to all customers, according to an update on the Starlink support page. Currently, the Starlink Standard Kit can only be purchased with an invitation to a small group of initial customers in the United States. The company is not able to fulfill order requests from customers who have not received an invitation.

The new Starlink dish represents a third-generation Starlink terminal for residential users. One of the notable changes is SpaceX’s decision to abandon the self-rotating motors for a fixed-mount dish. The new dish is also slightly taller, has a higher waterproof rating, and requires more electrical power, indicating that it will be more powerful than the current dish.

There is no information available on how much the new Starlink dish will cost. However, it is likely to be expensive as it will also come with a Gen 3 router featuring the new hardware. In contrast, the current Starlink equipment costs $450.

So far, SpaceX has not mentioned what kind of internet speeds the new dish will offer. But in an FCC filing, the company described it as “a high-performance solution for consumers that improves upon previous approved models of SpaceX Services’ fixed user terminal.”

Overall, the new Starlink dish is expected to provide improved performance and reliability for Starlink internet users.